Friday, 12 August 2011

News From The Week

Well I thought I'd see what was happening out there in the cycling world and what news I can report on.  First up is the start of the Vuelta e Espana, one of the three big grand tours of the year starts next Saturday.  I'm not sure I share the same excitement with this tour as say the Giro d'Italia or the Tour de France but, if its on my TV I shall be watching whenever I can.  If not, I'll probably just wait till cycling weekly come out and read on it then.  I thought that instead of me telling you about this race, I'd guide you to Lizzies Blog page, who writes up on the happenings of these races.  She seems more informed on these thing than myself, I know too little about this tour.  Anyway click here to read more.

For the Mark Cavenndish fans out there, its bad news I'm afraid as Mark Renshaw, Cavs main lead out man is off to join the orange and blue ranks of Rabobank.  This is mainly in order to be given the chance at winning stages for himself and gain the glory for once.  Can't blame the guy really, he may have been crucial to the HTC outfit but when people look back through the record books its only winners that counted.  On a negative point this is not such good thing for our Cav.  Renshaw is such an excellent lead out man that he'll be hard to replace and is no doubt a big reason for Cavendishs' victories.  With the collapse of HTC, we still await the news of where Mark Cavendish will actually go.  Large speculation is he will go to Sky.  Seems logical as he is British and its a British team.  But who will lead him.......I just can't see it working somehow.

Further moving news is Thor Husvovd is going to BMC.  This seems like an interesting move but already there is some grumbles from the camp as this is Cadel Evans team and apparently he is not prepared to share the leadership with a sprinter.  The news here is that despite Thors great ride in this years Tour de France he will possible not race in it next year.  He will be there to boost victories in the classics instead. Odd.  But I feel this also won't work. Am I becoming a bit negative here?

Oh, on a lighter note its good to see Jan Ulrich back.  Well OK not in a pro racing capacity but in a more down to earth Sportive event.  He'd apparently signed on with a different name "Max Kraft" (Max Power), not sure of what reception he'd get.  His shoulder got tired from all the taps he got and handshakes!  Bless.  All is forgiven blood doping cheat.  Well who wasn't then? Good to see you are over your 'burnout symdrome' big man.  Now there's an excuse I might have to try out for work one day......

Mountain Bike racing always seems to go under the radar a bit.  But the European MTB championships took place last week.  That super lady Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjaa won her fifth title.  Hasn't she been around for a long time now?  She's still totally awesome......and to prove a point shes a mum too.  Where the hell does she find the time to train.  Much respect.  In the men's race Julian Absalon was pipped to the post by Czech rider, Jaroslav Kulhavy.  I'm starting to think that the domination that has been Absalons rule is finally coming to an end.  Although it looks like he can't be written off just yet!

That's all the news from me for the time being.  Happy Riding Bloggers




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