Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bike Bling Wednesday!

I want, I want, I want.............

Bikers can be a dreamy bunch.  I don't know many who have not wish listed their bike together from a plethora of gorgeous and either ridiculously expensive or rare bits of kit.  This doesn't stop at bike parts either but bikes themselves and clothes, helmets and shoes etc.

I suppose unless you are earning an exceptional wage packet there is always that little something we all would like to own.  Some are lucky to own stuff I could only wish to have and sometimes people look at my bike and think the same thing!  These bits of bike bling probably aren't necessary in life but they just look so lovely and shiny we just want them, whether they be the latest carbon tech, the ultimate weight weenies wet dream or anodized to death that you just want to frame it.

Anyway I was thinking of starting a linkie part called Bike Bling Wednesday and allow bloggers to also take part.  For those not in the know, a linkie party is something you can opt to take part in, on every other Wednesday the idea will be to show off your dream bit of bike.  Why bother?  Well the idea is that on linkie party people can see who else takes part and give an easy link to your blog to see what you have written.  It helps divert traffic to your blog, helps people actually know about you which can be hard as many are drowned out by the thousands of blogs out there.

Well today my bit of bike bling is this:

This a Tune Skyline Mag 150 Rear Hub (Tuned): Weight 156grams!  Price:£425.99! for further details

Right so if you want to take part then go to the top of the page and look for the tab Want It Wednesday, click on it and fill out the Linky Wizard.



Hi Jez,I hope I linked up correctly for Want it Wednesday? Please let me know if I need to correct it. Thanks.

Hi jez, I've cocked the link up and made a mistake with the url I'll try again after it's been removed..

Hi Jez! Okay I think I understand this, but just to make sure... On each (or most) "Want it Wednesdays" I post my own "Want It" to my blog and link it back to yours, that simple? In any case the concept is great and I was thinking of starting something similar on my blog with a "Top Tip Tuesday"!

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