Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I Want It Wednesday #2 - Cannondale Liquigas Team Bike

Mmmmm lots of lovely bike kit out there!!!  There were lots of things I've come across that I could have used for this Wednesdays 'Want'.  However, I fallen in love with an entire bike this time!!  I love Cannondale road bikes......erm and mountain bikes.  I used to own one and swear that I'll go back to them again one day.  Bikes of beauty that ride really well.  Shame I can't afford one right now, particularly this really lush team Liquigas edition one.  Price: Lots. Just assume lots........I won't be owning it any time soon. Or ever!!

Well for this want it Wednesday I've been joined by Paul who has also posted up his 'want'.  You can see it on his blog site on

If you too would like to join in then its very simple.  Just go to my page tab that says 'Want It Wednesday', and follow the instructions.  The idea is that you will gain traffic to your blog, get to see other peoples blogs and hopefully gain more followers which can't be a bad thing.  I know people who do this kind of thing and have a very popular blogs for it.



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