Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ta da! Thanks a Bunch Stella McCartney

If you want something stylish doing then for gods sake don't ask a designer to do it.  Or more specifically don't ask Stella McCartney to design sportswear for the British Olympic sports team.  Oh damn it too late.

The famed designer unveiled her ideas for Britain’s Olympians on Thursday with uniforms that made imaginative use of the union jack . The designs, a closely guarded secret for months, were shown at the Tower of London in a gala event that combined fashion’s razzle-dazzle with the star quality of top Olympic competitors.  Out with rail-thin fashion models, in with real Olympic stars.

TeamGB athletes

This obviously was a large challenge and judging by the reaction that it has received, a total flop.  So many people of argued and complained about its lack of britishness, particularly the lack of red (an important part) within the flag.  I really am not impressed, and I just can't believe this has been allowed.  Well actually I can.  I can imagine the scenario.

Olympic Committee "Hey, lets hire a famous British designer to make our British sports kit" (met with experts nodding in agreement)
pay said famous designer god knows how much and send her on merry way to draw.
Stella: "Ta da here's what I could be bothered to design in between my real job"
Olympic Committee member 1: "'s err.........
Olympic Committee member 2 ".......nice........
OC1 "oh sh*t what have we done........."
OC2 "it's to late now there's only four months to go.  We'll be laughed at"
Stella "thanks for the money suckers"
skips off merrily

Yep, good call people. well done.  Why in gods name couldn't you have gone to, say and art design college and asked the students there to design a series of kits.  You know give them some incentive of money for first prize, choosing the best kit by putting it to a vote and hey presto you'd more than likely end up with something we all like.  Oh, and saved yourself a fortune in the process. Duh.

But no we end up with something that has subdued our colours for the sake of being arty and 'designer'  Seriously would the Americans stand for it if they made the red stripes a subdued blue and the white stripes and stars grey? Just a note to my American readers your kit is also been designed by a famous designer.  Ralph Lauren I believe.  Fingers crossed he's better than Stella.

Here Sir Chris Hoy is wearing the US postal kit......oh no wait that's the Olympic Kit.  Sorry my mistake.  I've heard comment that he looks like he's wearing a bib. *Sigh*.

Now don't get me wrong, it is fairly smart but it just doesn't represent our nation.  Oh well.  Lets just hope it not a sign of future disasters for the games.......anyone know if the stadium is built yet?



I saw the kits yesterday on the net - my first reaction was that it looked like they were all wearing a modern postage stamp on their chests. Nice colors, but not very distinctive, and I think the track jacket has some strange belt thing...I fear for the US kits...Ralph Lauren will probably give us topsiders and polo shirts in some sort of 1980s preppy redux!

Yeah I usually like subdued blues and blacks, it can make for really smart kit, but your right its just not very distinctive. Can Ralph Lauren really make a worse job of it? Let's wait and see

The Pinnarello looks pretty sweet though, eh?! lol

You could paint a Pinnarello brown and it'd still be sweet! To be honest I hadn't noticed it appears hidden behind Hoys huge thighs!!

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