Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Grumpy Bastard Strikes Again.

Some of my more astute readers will remember my grumblings of a cyclists that do not wave back when out on their bikes and my ever increased grumblings with this one guy who continues to blank me (Previous post here). A man I affectionately call 'Grumpy Bastard'.

Things haven't really moved on much and despite my loud over exaggerated shouts of MORNING! and waving like an over active idiot (nearly resulting in my disastrous departure from the road I was on), grumpy bastard continues to look dead ahead unflinching. Damn you!!

On Friday, whilst working at my library as the day was coming to an end, a gentleman who I have served a many a time came into the library. He always asks for the same books to be restamped, and as far as I know he's had them for many months now. Conversation is very limited the only thing I know is that he rides a bike and previous attempts at striking a conversation on this point have failed. Totally.

However, it was while serving him that something struck me on this day. His cycle top. As I finished serving him my mind just went into over drive. Have you ever had something dawn on you? That slow realisation and pieces of puzzle just fit together? A eureka moment I think you could call it.

THAT TOP. Oh my god that top...........I've seen that before......where.......going past me on the mornings........black trousers.............no it can't be................Grumpy Bastard??!!

As he went outside he went to his bike, put his helmet on and dark glasses and got on to ride away. Oh my god its IS grumpy bastard!!!

Elated at my discovery I went back to my computer and now actually know the mans name. Funny World. Funnier still is that today I passed him in the town I work in and he smiled at me! Horray! I nearly fell off again!

So now I guess I'll have to change his name to.........'not so grumpy person'......?



I never understand people who don't wave - I always feel like it is a secret club we all belong to, particularly when you get the low just off the handlebars two-fingered wave from cyclists, like a little secret handshake!

Jez, this drives me crazy also! I always say hi or wave when I see another cyclist and also to walkers that I may go by. It doesn't bother me as much when the person is really hammering down the road, but it does when their riding a nice casual pace. Are you going to introduce yourself the next time Grumpy comes in to the library?

It is a secret club! sshhhhh..... I just like the way we acknowledge each other (most of the time), like 'look at us we are different from them'. There are sadly those that just won't be one over. sigh.

Yeah I will Paul. Think I'll just say 'hi, I ride past you most mornings!' I'll leave out the fact hes annoyed me and I've written a blog about him!

This cracks me up. It reminds me of before I used to ride (like the weirdo I am now), and I was only a runner. I used to wave at the cyclists and they would totally ignore me! Runners would wave, but cyclist, hell no! Eventually I got a bike (my car broke down) and I started commuting to work on it. I still completely considered myself a runner though, as I was running 40 miles a week, and was just riding a crappy hybrid a few miles per day. The funny thing was that cyclists were waving at me! I just got a total kick out of it too. Here I was on this stupid bike, wearing running shoes and tights...I was a runner...POSING as a cyclist...and I was getting all of their secret waves! MUAH HA HA HA!!!

*deep intake of breath* an infiltrater amongst our secret cycling society!! Ha ha

Strange how we end up belonging to a certain group. Couldn't think of a better group to belong to :)

So now as a more fully fledged cyclist do you wave at runners and do they wave back?

Heh, great story. :) Most walkers/joggers on the trail will return a smile or wave, but very few bike commuters smile back. I did get a wave this morning from the new bike commuter I pass on the surface street just before my office.

You must have nice walkers in your area Melanie. Most I ride past seem more politely tolerant, but really you know they are cursing me as I ride into the distance.

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