Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Want It Wednesday #16 - 2012 Shimano XT Chainset

I know its a bit of a contrast to my last Want It Wednesday where I claimed my desire to get a single speed bike but I stumbled across the new 2012 XT cranks which is now done in a twin ringed option rather than the usual three.

 Shimano will cater to cross-country racers with a new 2x10 crankset for XT

It's one of the nicest XT chainsets they've made in a while and would even make do if I were to use it for single speed. 

Two chainrings has always made sense to me, The smaller 'granny' ring is just two small in my mind to be of any real practical use and I find a 42t chainring just too big.  This sits well on either side of those two sizes for something that is much more usable.

This also comes in black option.  Got to say the whole 2012 XT range looks very well designed, and I was pushed to narrow it down to one piece, I want, I want, I want it all!  I've run XT on my Kinesis for the last few years and its been brilliant stuff.  (apart from the dire shimano chains give me sram any day) But after all these years its started to complain.  The front mech gets a bit stiff and the rear mech isn't always reliable unless I lube it to death.

Its time to get saving!!!!

So who else is doing taking part today?  Well Today I'm joined by a whole group of people whos 'wants' you should go check. We've got Merry*Death Paul,  LindsayNeil and our newest member Cervelo Girl. I'd happily recommend them all.  Click on the names to see. So go on what are you waiting for....Click, Click, Click

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Very nice choice - I've also been drooling over the XTR cranks, though I would still want my granny gear - it just comes in handy on those long, steep hills!

Oooo you have fine tastes! :) Yes XTR chainset is very desirable but just so expensive. At least with the xt I might actually be able to buy it. Which would be unusual for wants!

This is one bad ass looking crankset! It looks like it's in motion even when it's not.

Sorry I was so late in getting my post up! I woke up late, and barely had time to ride into work! I know, I know... Priorities! It was (and still is) Wednesday still where I live! LOL



PS. HAWT crankset!

Good to have you on board C.G :)

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