Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Want It Wednesday #15 - The Single Life

Hello Want It Wednesday partiers (and those who'd like a go!) This week I may have been more cryptic with my title so lets see if these pictures help you get an idea........

On-One Carbon XC Whippet

Kinesis Decade Virsa Prestige

Getting the idea yet?


Ok, Ok you get the idea......Singlespeed bikes.  Its an odd thing but I have just got the urge to ditch all my gears and go singlespeed.  I hear my calling so to speak.  Its high time that I got myself a new frame as my current one is feeling its age, and I've been taking things into consideration that I've never had to contemplate before..........whether it has a swappable rear drop out.  The two frames above do, but this is just a choice selection of the bikes I could possibly go with.
With a swappable hanger I could change my bike from geared and if I desire to single speed without the need for a tensioner.

Perhaps I'm going mad, but I also want to go fully rigid too.  Light and simple bike.  Just pure riding.  Sounds ideal to me!

So who else has a bikie desire for this Wednesday?  I am joined by Paul and Neil who you can check out by clicking on their names to see their great blogs.

If you want to take part then please go to my tab marked 'Want It Wednesday' and follow the instructions.



Sorry I missed Want It Wednesday this week (out of town) - I'll be back for the next round. Single speed, and rigid?! CRAZY! I like the simplicity, but I fear the gearing...

That's not a problem. It's meant to be fun and not an annoying commitment and just give you something else to write about.
I've now got a singlespeed conversion kit on its way so I can give it a go before buying a new frame. I'll let you know how it goes. Apparently growing a beard is not compulsary to ride one.....

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