Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Want It Wednesday - Reminder!!!!

Hi everyone who likes to take part in my Linky party and anyone considering taking part! 

Just a reminder that due to it being a leap year and last Wednesday being the 29th February,  Want It Wednesday will not take place this week.  You have a weeks extra grace and so posting will resume next week making it the normal second Wednesday of the month.......hopefully that makes some sense!

I'd just like to say a big thank you for all those that take part in this, its great to get people together in a shared way.  I'd particularly like to say a big thanks to Paul and his blog for supporting from the near beginning and I think only missing out on one Wednesday since he started.  Thank you.

If anyone is thinking of taking part then please just do it.  Its not hard and you don't even have to do it all the time.  Just go to my 'Want It Wednesday' tab and follow the instructions.  There are some previous posts on their to give you an idea of what can be used.




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